Been There & Done ThatWhat Former Learners Have to Say …

  • Professor Dr. Abdul Aziz Sudin

  • Founder/CEO Red Synergy Sdn Bhd

Four years ago, after the successful completion of my doctorate programme, I was awarded my PhD by Dr. James Omps, President of IUE. It was then, in looking back, that I was able to fully appreciate what I had learned over the course of my studies and research for my dissertation.

I was told, at the outset, that the key phase of my programme, would be identifying applicable intrinsic skills, and then developing a functional entreprenological mindset. Once involved in this component of my studies, I was able to quickly understand its importance. Not only did it facilitate my transition to leader, it also helped me understand why it is important to help subordinates become leaders too.

I enrolled with the IUE because I saw that the institution was reliable, the programmes were flexible, and the benefits resulting from the curriculum were considerable. My research and studies helped me create value within myself … a value that I was able to use to connect with others. That kind of value is not for sale. It cannot be bought or sold.

The time I invested in the programme, and the time that I have spent working with the IUE since the conferral of my earned credential has increased my self-confidence tremendously. It is not necessarily the credential itself that has changed my perspective, but the fact that those I work with and associate with, on both a professional and personal level, make me feel valued and respected. These are the extras that you cannot earn in any other doctoral programme.

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