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Claire Keow

Having earned my PhD in Entreprenology from the IUE, I would like to take this opportunity to express my gratitude to Dr. James A. (Jim) Omps and Dr. Pauline Crawford-Omps for accepting me into the program. The fact that I completed the program successfully, meant that I was also invited to become part of the institution’s professional faculty, which is exclusively adjunct. These two experts have been key catalysts in my life and career, encouraging me to continually go further, dig deeper, to the extent that my natural talents fed my entreprenological mindset.

The submission of my dissertation enabled me to qualify and quantify my experiential knowledge, validating the methodology that led to the invention of a learning game I titled GET SMART. My learning experience has compelled me to work with the institution to create a higher profile … one that will allow it to gain an increasing audience and student body around the globe. I want to do this because the surest way to greater harmony among diverse peoples is to appropriately educate those individuals who know they possess or have a desire to possess, the entreprenological mindset and requisite skills needed to succeed .... required to gain the highest level of personal and professional achievement.

I have adopted and embedded the principles of entreprenology into my business strategy and plans for growth. Entreprenology has given me the edge that bring continuing success within reach while making me more savvy, confident and stronger regarding my ability to face the world. I consider myself a pioneer in many ways. I do not fear the unknown. The difficult I do immediately. Accomplishing the impossible take a little longer … but I’ll get there too.

It was from a Ted Talk by Simon Sinek that my mentors recommended, that I learned about the “game” of business. He said there were businesses that played the “infinite” game – planning on remaining in business without any defined end. Then, there were those that played a “finite” game – having a plan to sell the business in the shorter term. I want to thank Dr. Jim and Dr. Pauline – my teachers, facilitators and mentors, for preparing me to play the game successfully … and for helping me achieve a solid understanding of the options available to me as an entreprenologist. Infinite or finite … I am in this to win and to do my part to build a better world.

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