Been There & Done ThatWhat Former Learners Have to Say …

  • Hj Prof. Dr. Zainorin

The University’s tagline of “Bringing Knowledge, Experience and Imagination Together” is real. The vast knowledge of the supervising Professors, synthesized well with my knowledge and experiences and created the right balance and clear direction for my imagination to propel the living dream.

Acknowledging and incorporating my colorful professional experiences and academic knowledge excellence into my research, triggered an awesome thesis statement and research. This affected me later and guided my professional methodology and approach well, while tackling the trials and tribulations of the ever challenging and changing world especially in my entrepreneurial industry. The IUE approach stimulates a business owner, like me, toward excellence in both mindset and behavioral traits. Entrepreneurial intentions, along with a realistic overview of needs, strategies, objectives, and challenges, dynamically guides the utilization of the entrepreneurial traits that lead to success.

Entreprenology, as a mindset practice, developed my attitude which set me to have an excellence purpose not only in business but in my personal life … and that makes me distinct. My entreprenological approach is unique and innovative and that stimulates a consistent desire to persevere and succeed.Thanks Professor Dr James A Omps and Professor Dr Pauline Crawford

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