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  • Chief Executive Officer (CEO),

  • Sejahtera Leadership Initiative Director,

  • Asia HRD Congress Member,

On 14 January 2014, President Prof Dr. James A Omps (Jim) conferred me with the prestigious PhD degree from IUE after having satisfactorily acquired the fourth level of education (Edu4) on the Principles of Entreprenology and Entrepreneurship which concerned with research and analysis “WHAT SHOULD PEOPLE, ORGANIZATION AND YOURSELF BE DOING IN THE FUTURE.” It was one half management and one-half leadership study. The new discipline was focusing on EFFECTIVE ORIENTED for future professional, organization, and community potential growth.

Since acquiring my PhD obtained from IUE, I’ve been practicing elements of the well-balanced leadership and become more conscious on the needs of the people that I lead, my own needs, and the needs of the organization. With top experiential, accelerated-learning supervisor, and Guru Jim helps me “unstick” myself from the behavioral patterns that damaged my influence as a leader, my relationships with those I lead, and effectiveness of my organization. He provides life-long and valuable insight into the inner workings of great leaders and entreprenologists.

I realized leading an organization is like tuning a violin in an orchestra. Tuning a violin requires just the right amount of delicate control: too much and the strings can break; too little the sound is flat. The result gives me the tools for making the incremental changes in my behavior that lead to big changes in its applications professionally and huge changes in my leadership effectiveness. Thank you so much Jim & IUE for this core learning (and teaching) philosophy.

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