Been There & Done ThatWhat Former Learners Have to Say …

  • World's First Islamic Branding Coach,

  • Author/Publisher and Entrepreneur,

  • Founding Partner Of OVERBOOKE

"What makes the program by WAVE different is the reflective approach they use through the entreprenology module that enables me to truly refine and have further clarity on my personal entrepreneurship journey.I was able to really see what I need to do and how I'm able to position what I do in a more meaningful way. I'm also able to truly understand the type of entrepreneur that I am and honor my strengths.

From this program, I was able to refine my B.L.I.N.G BOSS Branding Module based on the 5 Pillars of Islam, reach out to my ideal clients, close international deals and launch a few other business ideas through my company OVEROOKED MEDIA GROUP (OMG) like our latest project which is the D.A.R.E (Dyslexic Able Reader Empowerment) Book Club Series.At the moment we've been shortlisted to be the recipient of Cradle CIP 300 Grant by the Government. What's most heart warming is that Dr. Pauline Crawford Omps & Dr Jim Omps have continued to be very supportive mentors long after the program ended. That's what makes this program special!"

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