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  • Makamin Capital Sdn Bhd
  • Founder/CEO, November 1, 2017 To Present
  • Sustainable Agrosis Service Provider · Johor Bahru
  • Tepen Food Factory
  • Founder/CEO · December 1, 2014 To Present
  • 100% Plant-Based Food Products
  • Ninetysix Ed Creative Avenue
  • Founder/CEO · April 4, 2009 To Present

I would like to share with you my story about moving mountains. Once upon a time, I saw a mountain, and felt I had to move it … wondering how I would be able to do that. I started by collecting a stone that I was able to carry, and I took it with me, putting it in a new place. I knew that if I continued to do this, I could eventually move the wonderous mountain.I then remembered something I learned in entreprenology. It was called the value cycle. There is me, there is you and then there is we. Together, we can move the mountain, one stone at a time, if we must.

I observe that we all do things differently. Along the way, some fall down and quit, and some persevere and move on. Some are very motivated; very creative and innovative. We value our differences. Our knowledge and experience help us wondrously move mountains.We start by managing risk as a contingency. Some may achieve the next step, but some will fail. I myself fell into a hole on the darkest side of the mountain. At that moment I could do nothing. I was a total blank … unable to see anything.

Then, something triggered in my mind. I have heard that the darkest hour is just before the dawn. Then the sun rises, and I know that the circle of life is perfect, and it always works. In the light of the new day, we see what we need to see. It is then that I know I have nothing to worry about.Yes, we will encounter deep darkness in our lives, but it will go away as it always goes away with the dawn of the next day. So, do not give up and always keep moving towards the light.When I remember that, I look at the mountain differently and it has totally changed. I find that I don’t even see the mountain because there was no mountain there in the first place.

I am setting my intention by moving towards the Wonderous Mountain without fear and without looking back. I value my life real-time … which is now. I will always find a way to add value to my life and to the lives of the people who depend on me, if it is within my ability to do so. My personal goal is to create happiness in the real world with those I love around me. When I look at a mountain now, I see its wonderous beauty without feeling fear any more.So, you see, entreprenology ignites my purpose and passion and brings me alive. It was a teacher, mentor and friend, Dr. Pauline Crawford-Omps, who once said to me,“It’s not about who you are … it’s about why you are who you are.”

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